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OVERSEAS / History

  • 1995
    - Contracts 1000 m3 for deconsolidation of imports.
    - The first import service from the North Sea begins.
    - Launches the first import service for cargo from the United States.

  • 1996
    - The import services of the Mediterranean and Brazil are incorporated.
    - The export services are launched whose first destination is North Sea.
    - The Customs Division is incorporated in order to provide a global service to large international corporations.

  • 1997
    - New export services are opened to Brazil, Peru and the United States. - Import services are increased by 100%. - Acquires an optimal tracking and control system for efficient business development.

  • 1998
    - Incorporates more export services including cargo traffic from Far East.
    - The import services are optimized reaching 16 trades, covering all origins.
    - The first consolidated cargo transfer service to Latin America is launched from Argentina competing with the Port of Montevideo.
    - The opening of own offices in the province of Cordoba.
    - Purchase of 50% of the shareholding of the South American Docks S.A.

  • 1999
    - An investment was made in the acquisition of 700 m2 of offices.
    - Launch of a service for consolidated cargo by truck from and to Brazil.
  • 2000
    - Acquires 50% of the stock of South American Docks S.A completing 100% of the control over it.
    - Establishes an on-line communication system with the Córdoba office.
    - Launching of the new Logistics Division of the company.
    - Creation of OVERTRUCK, company specialized in the transport of containers and general merchandise for Capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

  • 2001
    - Launching new division specializing in international removals.

  • 2002
    - New logistic building in Tortuguitas with an area of ​​6100 m2.
    - Acquisition of DEFISA, tax deposit within the port area with 14,800 m2 of surface.

  • 2003
    - Opening of the Branch in the city of Rosario.
    - Launch of Overseas Uruguay.
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